Wallpapers keep our devices fun and attractive, they represent our own style and liking. We can customize PCs or smartphones with different wallpapers to keep its look fresh and feast our eyes on amazing images of things we love.

It is not hard to find a wallpaper according to taste, however, getting access to high quality wallpaper sources might not be that easy because there are tons of websites/apps available that feature low-definition wallpapers, and are full of annoying ads, or really hard to navigate.

Today, we are going introduce some reliable sources to download HD wallpapers with a good experience. They might have some ads (they need to earn a living, right?), but they aren’t annoying.

HD Wallpaper Sources for PC

Wallpapers Wide

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Wallpaper Wide is a website that will let you download HD wallpapers with just 2 clicks. The process is simple, you just need to click on the Wallpaper you like and you will be prompted to download that wallpaper.

Just provide resolution and specify whether you need HD wallpaper or Standard wallpaper, you can also get Wide or Mobile wallpapers. They have huge library of wallpapers divided by categories and you can both upload and download wallpapers.Visit Website


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This is a community driven website with wallpapers mostly related to nature. Most of the HD wallpapers are uploaded by the actual author of the wallpaper who took the shot. Each wallpaper has a tiny decryption with it, where author tells where the picture was taken and might even add their personal experience at that place.

You can just select the resolution or device and click on “Download” button to download the wallpaper. You can also download wallpapers in bulk, but you will be required to pay for this feature. Visit Website

The Paper Wall

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The Paper Wall doesn’t offer many customization options while downloading a Wallpaper. For example, the resolution is fixed for a wallpaper and you will have to download the wallpaper by opening it and using your browser’s built-in save picture feature to download.

What makes this worth a try is its huge database of HD Wallpapers. There is a huge list of categories and most of the categories contain 1000+ wallpapers.Visit Website

HD Wallpaper Sources for Android

Premium Wallpapers HD

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It is a simple to use app with a very clear interface. All you need to do is select the category of which you need wallpaper and you will see all the wallpapers along with total number of likes by other app users.

Just tap on the wallpaper you want and on the next page you can preview, share, like and download the wallpaper. Download From Google Play Store

Wallpaper HD

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Wallpapers HD doesn’t actually come with an attractive interface, but it has a very handy and unique feature. You can search for wallpapers filtered by colors, so if you are looking for wallpapers in your favorite color, you can just name it.The database is also quite extensive with hundreds of wallpapers in each category. Download From Google Play Store

Cool Wallpapers HD

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Cool Wallpapers HD is another great option for downloading unique HD wallpapers. It has some really interesting and unique categories and you can easily share, like and download a wallpaper. You can also search for wallpapers by providing a keyword.To search for wallpapers, you can search database of Cool Wallpapers HD developers or you can opt for Flickr or Picasa. Download From Google Play Store

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