There are many movies these days that arrive with their fair share of video game adaptations, although the trend of a successful video game port is far and few in between. I am rather sure, however, that there has been some pretty enjoyable outings in the past before. Still, no one has tried to make a video game adaptation of Adam Sandler’s golf comedy Happy Gilmore, and just in case someone did that, one would wonder just how it would look like? Thanks to YouTube’s 8-Bit Cinema, what was imagined seems to be something right out of River City Ransom.

In this particular 8-bit version of the adaptation, it will also include the really interesting and funny scene of beating up an alligator, apart from giving the clown a good hiding and of course, being beaten up by Bob Barker. Let’s just put it this way – plenty of beating was spotted in this flick, which is why it ought to fall under the brawler genre. CineFix has had other outings in the past before when it comes to transforming famous Hollywood movies to an old-school 8-bit visual style, with some of the previous editions comprising of Pulp Fiction and Inception. If only it were to be a real game, right?

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