Attending a classical concert has long been the domain of those who are “more refined” in their very own way, although when it comes to art, it is a highly subjective matter that might result in fistcuffs when one’s interpretation differs from yours, especially when it comes to music. Well, you can say that video games has grown up as it has finally been accepted into the world of grown up where music is concerned after tunes from a bunch of titles including Angry Birds and Mario Bros will be featured in a classical concert.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) will have over 20 songs as part of a music festival in the city, with Battlefield and Call of Duty also on the playlist – those two titles incidentally are 2011’s most hotly-anticipated games series (amongst others, of course). In fact, the lines of history will be traced back all the way to Tetris, with the festival’s director Andrew Missingham claiming that music did play the quintessential role in the video gaming experience. At least there won’t be those irritating chirps and tweets from the birds nor snorting pigs to assault your ears at the concert.

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