gta-isisIt has been reported that Islamic State jihadists have rolled out a brand new trailer earlier this week that showed off a GTA mock up, and this particular video has the intention of actually recruiting as well as to train children for militant group’s battle, at least according to the Islamic State’s media wing alongside other news publications. IS happens to be an offshoot of Al-Qaeda that has grown powerful in recent times, being deemed by many to be the richest terror organization in the world.

The video does show off a translated quote that is said to be somewhere in the realm of “We do the things you do in games, in real life on the battlefield.” The video shows off a still image of a man who has his head and face covered, while holding a weapon alongside the words “Grand Theft Auto” that have been printed over an image of a black flag that also carries the terrorist group’s logo.

Inside the video’s gameplay, it depicts folks pulling a police officer out of a police car, before sending him to the afterlife with bullets, not to mention carrying out an explosive attack over on a military convoy. Video games can be an extremely persuasive tool, especially with the younger generation, and you will not see the IS fighters laying their arms anytime soon in favor of some ice cream.

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