iphone-6-sideWe’re sure many are wondering about Apple’s iPhone plans for the year. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could launch two iPhones this year – one in the 4.7-inch variety and the other in a 5.5-inch variety. The rumors are also suggesting that the phones will be launched separately which is a little odd but this sentiment has been echoed by KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who has had a good track record when it comes to making Apple-related predictions.

According to Kuo, he believes that both phones will sport different resolutions. The 4.7-inch model will come with a resolution of 1334×750, while the 5.5-inch model will get a 1920×1080 Full HD display. Naturally with the higher resolution, the pixel density of the 5.5-inch model will be higher. The good news is that Apple is expected to maintain the same aspect ratio as the iPhone 5 so developers won’t have to redesign their apps again.

Both phones are also expected to sport the same internals, which according to Kuo includes a new A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, Touch ID, a narrower bezel, and a much thinner form factor around 6.5-7.0mm (versus the iPhone 5 which measured 7.6mm thick). NFC is also another feature that could debut in the new iPhones.

We’re sure you might have also heard about how Apple has big plans for sapphire and according to Kuo, sapphire displays will debut with the new iPhones, except that they will be restricted to the 64GB models apparently due to supply constraint. The cameras on the new iPhones are also expected to be maintained at 8MP and keep its f/2.2 aperture, but will see the addition of optical image stabilization technology.

We’re not sure what to make of this barrage of information. On one hand Kuo’s reputation is pretty solid but at the same time, won’t iPhone users be annoyed if they buy the 4.7-inch model only to find out there’s a “better” 5.5-inch model a few months after? Plus we’ve seen how Apple flopped with the iPhone 5c so unless there is a huge difference in price, wouldn’t consumers go for the 5.5-inch model instead? What do you guys think?

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