Apple-China1We know that Apple was eager to get their phones into China, especially when it meant that they could sign a deal with China Mobile which was not only the country’s larger carrier, but also one of the largest carriers in the world, thanks to China’s population which gave it a huge amount of customers.

Now we know that this meant that Apple could essentially sell more iPhones to the Chinese public, but it also seems that this has managed to help increase the revenue from the iTunes App Store. According to reports from apps analytics firm, App Annie, it seems that App Store revenue for China has seen an increase of 70% in Q1 2014.

According to their report, they attribute this growth to the deal that Apple struck with China Mobile. The deal was only confirmed earlier this year after it seemed that Apple was still in talks with the carrier back in 2013, so it’s actually pretty amazing to see the App Store revenue grow by that much in a relatively short amount of time.

Unfortunately while this growth looks good on paper, financially it’s still not as good as Japan. In Japan it seems that despite the country having a smaller population than China, Japanese customers are spending more on its apps compared to those in China. Perhaps as the iPhone begins to reach a wider audience and matures a bit more in the market, those numbers will change, but for now Apple will just have to make do with the 70% growth.

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