Stickers_thumbIt made sense that BlackBerry would include BBM on its phones. After all it would be considered an exclusive feature and a reason for people to hop on board the BlackBerry bandwagon. However when the company released BBM for other platforms, many were wondering how they were going to monetize the app since it was released for free.

One of the ways BlackBerry went about doing it was with the Channels feature that would allows companies to sponsor posts and updates, and recently another way was to release stickers as in-app purchases for the app.

Stickers aren’t exactly a new feature and have been around for a while. We’ve seen them in other apps like Line, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and so on. According to a recent report by Forbes, it looks like the stickers feature for BBM could be paying off as it has been noticed that BBM is climbing the charts in terms of revenue made, and considering that BBM is free, we can only assume that the stickers are what’s attributing to its growth.

An example that Forbes gave was in the region of South Africa and Indonesia where the app jumped to the number 3 spot for iPhones under the social category. Based on Line and Kakao Talk’s success with stickers, it seems that the markets responsible for sticker purchases tends to be in the Asian region, so we can only assume that over time, BBM could pose a threat to other apps as well.

As stickers are typically pretty inexpensive at around $2 per pack, we guess users don’t really have to think too long and too hard if they should purchase a pack or two, but what do you guys think? Have any of our readers purchased some BBM sticker packs for themselves recently?

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