When Facebook announced their acquisition of Oculus VR, we’re sure the company was not expecting such a huge amount of backlash for both developers and consumers alike. Oculus VR has reassured gamers that Facebook will be allowing them autonomy and given Facebook’s previous acquisitions such as Instagram, we have no reason to believe Facebook has any intentions of meddling.

In a recent video interview (transcribed by the folks at GameSpot), Oculus VR’s founder, Palmer Luckey, stated that the acquisition by Facebook will make sense to its critics a year from now. “Knowing behind the scenes what’s going on and what we need money to do and what we’re going to be able to do with this deal, I know for myself that it’s the best that we could possibly do.”

Luckey also adds, “So if people give us some time, I think they’ll agree with us. A year from now, everyone – I think even a lot of the doubters – will look and say ‘You know what, they really did make the best choice.’” To be fair most of us have no idea what went on behind the scenes during the acquisition, or what Oculus VR and Facebook’s intentions are.

More importantly, we are not sure what the future holds for either company and what their plans are for the technology, so it’s really hard to say if Facebook’s acquisition of the company was a bad idea. In any case we can only imagine that with Facebook’s resources, connections, and experience that it will lead to Oculus VR to better develop the technology behind the Oculus Rift headset.

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