sms-romerThe world is moving so fast these days, that our smartphones have ended up to be an indispensable part of our lives. After all, it is our smartphones that happen to function as our navigational device in unfamiliar territories, while keeping us entertained as we commute to and from work. Not only that, it also has its fair share of apps to keep us occupied, and for Android users, custom ROMs add another dimension to their user experience. There is a spanking new third party app that makes flashing CyanogenMod on your device easier, known as SMS-Romer.

SMS-Romer would let you perform a flash of CyanogenMod on your device through a simple text message, now how about that? It was specially developed by XDA developer rootfan, where SMS-Romer comes across as a simple app that would allow you to instruct your smartphone remotely to download the most recent CyanogenMod build, before it flashes it automatically.

In order to take advantage of SMS-Romer, your part is simple – just text your device a brief command line, and let the app do the rest of the hard work, as it downloads a CyanogenMod build, reboots your device into recovery mode, before it goes about flashing the said firmware. Don’t you just love how things are automated easily in this day and age?

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