foxconn-bigger-ipadThe iPad is one of the products released by Apple that took the world by storm. Tablets have been around for a while but it’s safe to say that with the iPad, things really started to catch on and we’re starting to see a lot more tablets compared to before. However analysts seem to be a bit pessimistic about Apple’s upcoming Q2 2014 earnings and expects that the Cupertino company will announce that iPad sales have dropped.


Assuming that is indeed the case, why is this? After all the iPad mini with Retina display basically gave users what they wanted, not to mention the iPad Air is a pleasure to hold as it is both light and slim. Well according to former Apple executive, Jean-Louie Gassee, he believes it is because of the iPad’s ambiguity – the fact that it is not a smartphone, nor is it a computer. He was also quoted as saying that the tablet’s “meteoric debut raised expectations that it can’t currently meet.”

According to him, he states that while the iPad is easy enough to use, it’s not enough when it comes to productivity. This is because unlike computers, accessing files to put together a presentation or a document is not as easy due to the lack of a file manager. Essentially if Apple wants the iPad to survive, it will need to become more MacBook-like. This is actually interesting because that’s what Microsoft is doing with its Windows-based tablets.

Not only do they function as tablets, but because it runs on Windows, it provides a familiar interface, not to mention a file manager, that will allow for increased productivity. The Surface tablets are a good example of that, especially when used with the keyboard cover. Then again Windows-based tablet sales haven’t really been that great, but what do you guys think? Should Apple consider ways to make the iPad a “serious” productivity tool?

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