cart-sim-vendingmachineAh, France, the land where your boss is no longer allowed to contact you by email once you have clocked out from the office. Of course, a whole lot of that remains as theory, as enforcing it is going to be a whole lot trickier than expected. While Japan is the country with the highest number of vending machines per capita, this does not mean that other countries, too, are able to have some of the more unique vending machines to serve the masses. Take France for example – Operator Free Mobile, famous for their extremely cheap phone contracts, will enable one to pick up a contract from a vending machine kiosk in a matter of minutes.

Such a machine will follow up your registration by spitting out a mini-, micro- or nano-SIM card that has already been activated, where all you need to do then is to place it into an unlocked phone and you’re good to go. Of course, this is not the first SIM card vending machine in the world, but it happens to be a unique one simply by the fact that it offers an all-inclusive, ready-to-go package from a major mobile carrier. That ought to count for something, no?

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