We are not called consumers for nothing, and this is not a flattering description of humanity. Whenever we consume stuff, there is waste generated, and it goes without saying that all the waste will need to go somewhere, much of the time the process of breaking down such waste releasing toxic chemicals to the environment that are detrimental to our health, both in the short and long term. Just as how everyone and their grandmother seem to have a mobile phone these days, it goes without saying that there are billions of SIM cards out there, standard sized, micro SIM or nano SIM, it does not matter – they still generate waste when they are no longer in use.

Here’s an idea that might just help telcos take the first step in going green – with Chinese company Beijing Big Ben Tech (hmmm, nice to see London’s iconic building name in there) coming up with recyclable SIM cards that are made out of, wait for it, paper, as part of their effort to save the environment. The actual card itself is made of recyclable ABS plastic and metal for its contact points, but the card’s holder is sourced from 100% fiber paper, making it a whole lot easier to recycle compared to plastic.

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