Strongbow has come up with a specially constructed vending machine in order to commemorate the launch of the new Strongbow Dark Fruit, where it merges Strongbow cider, blackcurrant and blackberry juices, to deliver a twist where refreshments are concerned, all as part of the brand’s EARN IT campaign. This unique and interactive vending machine will be placed at one of the UK’s busiest train stations, where customers are asked to step up to the proverbial plate and handle a bunch of challenges, where among them include cricket, football, tough mudder and stand up.

You will need to adopt the iconic Strongbow archer pose, before you “fire” a virtual arrow at the blackberry target on screen. Thanks to cutting edge kinetic software, it is capable of picking up the movement of commuters, where it will perform the relevant calculations to know whether the challenger is successful or not. You are given three attempts to hit the blackberry, and should you emerge the victor, then you will be rewarded with a Strongbow Dark Fruit. Now this is one surefire way to attract attention to your brand, by giving folks a chance to earn something free! [Press Release]

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