goggles-cancerSo far, my circle of friends know at least one person who is fighting cancer, and this disease has become so common that it is no longer a surprise to anyone. The thing is, the fight against cancer shows no signs of wiping out the disease completely, and detecting it can also be quite tricky. Treatment options include chemotherapy that ravages the body, or surgery in some cases – although the surgeon will need to be pretty deft at picking out the cancerous segment for good to avoid a recurrence. Perhaps this pair of goggles might come in handy, where it can highlight cancerous cells as surgeons operate.

Such high-tech goggles are able to assist surgeons in identifying and removing cancers, as it is capable of highlighting affected tissue while one operates on the patient. The whole idea of wearing a pair of such goggles would be to reduce the need for secondary operations, as it allows easier identification of diseased tissue.

Apart from that, this new pair of goggles would also enable surgeons to record and review operations (hmmm, sounds familiar, as though this is a souped up version of Glass), where ti has been tested on patients who suffer from breast and skin cancer.

Dr. Samuel Achilefu, a professor at the Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, is the one behind this unique pair of medical goggles after he received inspiration from military night-vision goggles.

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