google-play-sonosSonos has just integrated Google Play Music in order to deliver seamless streaming to speakers and players down the road. This new method of controlling your music at home, all the while curating and managing an array of services across various rooms, will be accompanied by other benefits such as playing your music to Sonos directly from the very same services. Google Play Music was selected by Sonos to be their partner as the former believes in the latter’s vision, resulting in a music experience that is a prime example on how media, devices, and sound are able to play nice together in the living room.

Already available worldwide, one is able to stream directly to Sonos from within the Google Play Music app on your Android device, or you can have a far less complicated setup – through the streaming of Google Play Music from your Sonos app to any other Sonos player that is located around your home.

With Google Play Music, one is able to blend their personal music collection, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes from a single place, and send it to other rooms in the vicinity. There are over 22 million tracks available on demand, which means it would be really something worth taking note of if you do not find anything that suits your musical tastes. [Press Release]

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