ie6In the past, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has gotten a ton of flack for being a lousy browser, although to Microsoft’s credit, they have managed to rework the browser to the point where it has actually become very usable, although they still have to compete with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

That being said, it seems that there has been a security flaw discovered in older versions of Internet Explorer which we can only imagine isn’t doing much to help its reputation. Microsoft has since issued a security advisory that warns its users that due to the vulnerability, hackers could gain full user permissions on their computer.

This means that hackers will be able to install programs and view and delete data on your computer and more, assuming that you have been affected by this vulnerability. This reportedly affects users using Internet Explorer 6 through 11, but the good news is that Microsoft will be issuing a security patch soon, although for Windows XP users, since the deadline for support has passed, you’d be out of luck.

Of course for those running on Windows XP there are alternatives, which is to download other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, just to name a few. This is highly recommended unless you’re planning on making the upgrade to a newer version of Windows, in which case we expect Microsoft to patch the browser soon.

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