chromecastPlayOn, the media server software from MediaMall Technologies which does its job of streaming online videos to TVs and mobile devices, have recently announced that PlayOn and PlayLater are now available for Chromecast. PlayOn’s support for Chromecast would see the introduction of online content from over 100 channels in the blink of an eye to Chromecast users, where some of these content would include segments from CBS, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central and Hulu (without the need for any Hulu Plus subscription, now how about that?).

Apart from that, the software’s mobile apps would also enable users to browse channels, while being able to enjoy a uniform guide-like interface that is currently virtually non-existent from the Chromecast user experience. PlayOn’s PlayLater product would endow Chromecast users with DVR capability, allowing them to record videos for casting at a later period when they are not online anymore.

As for the PlayOn Browser feature, Chromecast users would gain the ability to cast just about any full screen video from any browser on their PC to their TV – all without having to go through the distraction of web browser frames.

Jeff Lawrence, CEO, MediaMall Technologies, shared, “Chromecast is a great, inexpensive device for cord cutters but is somewhat limited in its content and casting capabilities. PlayOn gives Chromecast users a universal interface for TV-watching and vastly expands the list of available channels, and with very little fuss, it also brings a full-screen cross-browser web casting experience that users can’t get with the Chromecast alone.

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