AngryBirdsGOFor years Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise was considered the company’s cash cow. After all it was one of the games that launched on touchscreen devices and took advantage of the device’s touchscreen display for its gameplay mechanics.

Rovio later tried to milk the franchise for all its worth by releasing multiple variants of the game and even tied in with movies like Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars. That being said, perhaps Rovio’s time in the sun is starting to end because according to the company’s recent financials, it seems that their profits are no longer what it once was.

It seems that not only are video game sales down from last year, but money has also been spent on developing a new animation studio, theme park deals, and merchandising, with the latter actually being profitable and accounting for nearly half the company’s sales. Additional details from The Wall Street Journal has also revealed that Rovio is starting to lag behind other developers, such as King, the maker of the Candy Crush Saga, and lesser known developers as well.

Rovio does not appear to be too worried about their shrinking profits and we can understand why. After all with money being spent diversifying the company, naturally the money had to come from somewhere. At the same time we’re pretty sure Rovio did not expect the Angry Birds franchise to continue raking in money forever, right? What do you guys think? Is the Angry Birds franchise starting to lose its popularity?

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