xbox-one-titanfallWe know that Microsoft has big plans for Titanfall. The game was launched primarily on Microsoft’s platforms such as Windows, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. What this meant is that gamers who want to play the game will either have to play it on their computers or get an Xbox console.

Given that the Xbox 360 is an older console, we’re sure gamers won’t get the Xbox 360 just for the game, and might instead opt for its newer sibling, the Xbox One. In fact according to reports from GfK Chart-Track, it has been found that thanks to the release of Titanfall, Microsoft has seen its sales of Xbox One units in the UK increase by as much as 96%!

According to the report, this is thanks to the Titanfall Xbox One bundle which accounted for 70% of Xbox One sales since its launch on Friday in the UK. This helped to bump Xbox One sales up to 96% in general, which is still pretty impressive. We’re not sure how long Microsoft will be able to maintain its growth, but it’s safe to say that Titanfall is doing a good job at attracting gamers onto Microsoft’s Xbox platform.

However not everything is rosy, as you might have heard, Titanfall was launched with several glitches due to server errors which led to downtime, and given that the game is pretty much all about the multiplayer experience, gamers naturally wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it very much if they weren’t able to access Titanfall’s servers.

Then again almost all games encounter some hiccups at its launch, so we guess the important thing is that the developers of the game get this issue sorted out ASAP so that gamers can go ahead and start enjoying themselves. So far based on reviews, many seem to be in favor of the game so if you were thinking about getting your hands on the game, why not pick up an Xbox One while you’re at it?

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