sprint-framilyAccording to a leaked photo the other day, it was revealed that Sprint could be close to announcing a new promotion that would mimic T-Mobile’s Uncarrier program where the carrier would pay off your early termination fee (ETF) with another carrier so that you will be able to sign up with them.

Now according to a recent press release by Sprint, it looks like that plan is now official. The details of the plan is pretty much similar to what we have seen in the leaked photo. Basically Sprint will allow you to trade-in your current device and get as much as $300 credit towards it, although we’re guessing this will vary depending on how old and what condition your phone is in.

Sprint will also be providing customers with a $350 Visa prepaid card that will cover your ETF with another carrier, or alternatively you could use it towards installment balance reimbursement. However the plan does require the customer to be in good standing and will have to wait anywhere between 10-12 weeks before they are able to receive the payment via the Visa prepaid card, so that’s something to take note of.

In any case if this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can find out more by heading on over to Sprint’s website, although we should note that this offer is only valid from the 4th of April until the 8th of May, so if you were thinking about switching carriers or getting a new phone, you might want to hurry.

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