rufus cuffOne of the things that smartwatch makers are doing is that they’re trying to replicate the same size and comfort that normal watches offer, with the difference being that these watches are a lot more interactive and will do more than just tell the time. That’s one way of going about it, but what about those who’d rather a much bigger display?

Well that’s where the Rufus Cuff comes in and it is really is a “monster” on your wrist, at least compared to smartwatches. The Rufus Cuff will pack a 3-inch display and will come with a host of features that users might appreciate. This includes GPS, voice control via a built-in microphone, speakers, a camera, and even has access to the Google Play Store!

The device (we’re not sure if it can be considered a smartwatch anymore) will also play nicely with both Android and iOS devices. Interestingly enough it goes beyond what smartwatches can do and can even connect to the WiFi on its own, meaning that you won’t have to rely on it pairing with your phone for connectivity.

Now we have to admit that a 3-inch display is a little big as far as wrist wear is concerned, but if you don’t mind the size and actually appreciate the size since it would make surfing a lot better, you might want to head on over to its Indiegogo page where they are currently seeking funding. As it stands the project has managed to raise close to $180,000 which is shy of $20,000 from its goal and with 7 days to go, there is a chance that they might make it.

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