titanfall-downtimeWhile Titanfall for the Xbox 360 was delayed and launched later than the PC and Xbox One version of the game, its developers, Bluepoint Games, did promise gamers that it would be a “true experience” which many were worried about since the Xbox 360 isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One.


Based on all the reviews that we’ve read so far about the Xbox 360 version, it seems that Bluepoint Games did manage to deliver as they promised. It is probably why, and also probably because there are a ton of gamers still playing the Xbox 360, that sales of the game went as high as 220% in the UK after its launch.

According to reports, it seems that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been very well-received in the UK and managed to head to the top of the all-formats UK sales charts. This isn’t that surprising given that Titanfall has been heavily anticipated, and that Respawn Entertainment and Bluepoint Games have not disappointed in their promises to deliver.

In fact earlier reports suggested that the game even managed to help boost the sales of the Xbox One console in the UK, perhaps implying that gamers were rushing out to get their hands on the Xbox One just to play the game and also probably in anticipation of future Xbox One titles as well. What do you guys think? Any of our readers play the Xbox 360 version and are you that surprised that it sold so well?

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