wp_ss_20140417_0002If you’re running low on space on your phone, an alternative would be to install apps onto your SD card. Granted this will not be as fast compared to storing it on the phone itself, but it will get the job done. This is a feature that Microsoft will be supporting with Windows Phone 8.1 but unfortunately not all apps will want to take advantage of it.

According to reports, it seems that the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has blocked the installation of the app onto the SD card. We’re not sure why WhatsApp has decided to block the ability, perhaps it might have something to do with performance issues, or maybe it could be legal issues, or maybe they just don’t want to utilize that feature.

It seems that users will also not be able to update the app to the next latest beta unless they move the app back onto the phone’s memory. We’re not sure if WhatsApp is planning on keeping this feature or if they will allow installation to SD card once the app comes out of beta, but for now if you’re testing the app, be sure to install it onto the phone’s memory, at least for now.

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