There is nothing quite like the human imagination that will bring things to the next level of evolution, and with the 3Dioo, it will offer a new way for us to look at 3D headsets. Demonstrated at the TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2014 hackathon, the 3Dioo will take a regular Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and transform it into a 3D capture device, where a viewer will use it alongside some other hardware add-ons.


The array that is used for capturing 3D is made from cardboard, where it is held together using a few stickers in the strategic location, where there is also a space available that will be able to let one slot in the handset. A quartet of mirrors have been specially arranged in order for it to split the photo or video footage into two, resulting in a basic stereoscopic output, all without requiring a pair of lenses on your smartphone.

I suppose you can say that the 3Dioo is a DIY Oculus Rift clone, and we have seen our fair share of applications when it comes to the Oculus Rift in the past, where among them include a horse riding simulator as well as letting you have an idea on how living with lag is like.

Put together in just 24 hours, it is far from polished considering the material used, but at least
it might spring into something larger down the road.

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