Don’t you just love cities and the kind of energy as well as vibe that they bring? Well, Nokia has a special spot for the Big Apple, which so happens to be the popular nickname for New York City. Sure, over the years we have seen how huge monsters and cataclysmic events seem to happen in huge cities such as New York and San Francisco, but this is for real – not a disaster, but a promotional video where Nokia made good use of 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphones, working alongside a custom-designed rig that will feature a specially developed software so that user are able to enjoy a different perspective of New York’s streets.

After all, doesn’t familiarity breed contempt? In this case, the innovative use of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 smartphones would let you see the various streets of New York in a totally new light. The custom mobile circular rig that is used here can carry up to 50 smartphones, where the handsets were subsequently connected as well as controlled through a specially constructed Surface app. This particular rig then made its way around town in order to capture the throng of people that make up this great city.

With all half a century of smartphones capturing images simultaneously, over a whopping 30,000 images were shot before ending up in the promotional video that you see above. This is definitely an interesting project by far, and I am quite sure that it would have achieved its objective of striking a chord within the hearts of those who watch it.

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