apple_logo2Earlier this week, we heard rumors that Apple could be announcing a Smart Home initiative at WWDC 2014. It sounded like a pretty exciting idea, to think that Apple could be diving into connected objects, home automation, and whatnot. Well if you were hoping that we can start seeing deeper integration from Apple products, think again.

According to the folks at Gigaom, their sources have revealed that Apple’s Smart Home initiative might not be as deep as you might think. Instead, they claim that the program will actually be pretty simple and straightforward, and basically would see connected devices on the market be sold with “Made for iPhone” certification.

The MFi certification basically means that a third-party accessory/product has been created for Apple’s products in mind. We’ve seen this in third-party cables and even video game controllers. While there are home automation products available in the market now that work with iOS devices, this certification basically makes it official, and would also serve as a badge of reassurance of sorts.

Will Apple ever get into creating smart home products of their own? Well we guess we’ll never know, especially since they managed to let products like Nest by their very own Tony Fadell (former Apple executive) slip through their fingers, but what do you guys think? Does this sound pretty disappointing? Either way we guess we will learn more at WWDC next week, so check back with us then for the details.

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