medical-mannequinThe world of Augmented Reality (AR) has certainly seen its fair share of advancements, where life is supposed to be made more exciting, not to mention ‘enhanced’ when interacting with the elements of AR. Well, it seems that the medical world too, has not been able to escape the clutches of augmented reality, as such medical mannequins used during training are ‘brought to life’ with emotions to boot.

It goes without saying that medical mannequins do have a place in the world of medicine as a training aid, but somehow interacting with such medical mannequins can feel rather unnatural and strange. Researchers at Sheffield Hallam University have decided to jump aboard the augmented reality bandwagon, by using this technology to transform the mannequin into a ‘real person’. The app will feature different kinds of scenarios that have been recorded by actors beforehand in order to up the realism ante among medical trainees.

After the introduction has been made using the app, the mannequin can also be controlled remotely in order to have it reacting in the manner where the simulation is supposed to be. Still, the facial expressions on such medical mannequins do freak me out, as it remains me of those dolls that close their eyes when you put them in a lying down position, and flutter open their eyelids when you pick them up.

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