daymak-the-beastDaymak did dive into the world of a greener and more powerful bicycle in the past with their Shadow Ebike three years back, where that particular ride could actually charge up power hungry devices on the go. Well, this time around, Daymak is concentrating on something totally different – calling it The Beast, which is also the nickname for the ride that the President of the United States of America goes around in. The Beast is touted to be a labor of love two years in the making, where it comes fitted with 8-inch thick tires as well as a solar power battery pack, allowing it to let the rider go through sun-fueled expeditions across the roughest of terrain without missing a beat.

Actually, The Beast does look as though it is the Hummer of bicycles, where it comes with inverted suspension forks that can hold the first of the 10-inch alloy rims while bearing a 4,500 lumen LED headlight that is located in front. Apart from that, the 15 W-hr solar panels will also complement power from the grid as it channels energy to the 60-V 12-AH lithium battery thanks to non-stop trickle charging.

Last but not least, The Beast comes with a top speed of 32 km, and Daymak claims that a single full charge is able to let the rider enjoy an average electric range of 40 km. Full-scale production of the Beast should kick off later this summer.

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