Late last year it was discovered that there’s a loophole in iOS which when exploited lets users install a Game Boy emulator for iPhone. Its pretty easy to do that on a jailbroken device, the beauty of this loophole is that it doesn’t require a jailbreak. So it doesn’t matter if the user is on a firmware that has no jailbreak available or they simply can’t do it due to baseband limitations. Unfortunately that Game Boy emulator for iPhone has been taken down.

Some might have thought that Apple would take notice of the loophole and shut it down, thus leaving the emulator virtually useless. But actually Apple hasn’t played a part in its demise. Nintendo sent a DMCA notice to the developer asking him to shut it down. He complied.

The emulator, called GBA4iOS, was developed by a high-school student. By using GitHub and MacBuildSever the device could be tricked into thinking that the app was being used for testing. This loophole allowed anyone to play emulated titles on their iOS device.

GBA4iOS is no longer available for download through GitHub, it was up online until yesterday. However the developer says that those who already have it installed need not worry as it will continue to function.

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