lumia1020-fashionGiven how advanced smartphone cameras have gotten these days, it is possible to take photos and videos which are of excellent quality. Of course it cannot be compared to high end professional cameras, but we reckon it is more than decent for personal use as well as for enthusiasts.

In the past we’ve seen how phones like the iPhone 5s was used to film a Burberry fashion show, and now it seems that for the 10th edition of their magazine, UK fashion magazine, Centrefold, has decided to do away with their more expensive cameras and shoot the entire issue using the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Like we said we doubt smartphone cameras will be able to replicate the quality of professional cameras since the sensors, image processors, lenses, and etc used are completely different, but we guess they have decided to try something different this time round and show off that photography is not just about good equipment, but it’s about knowing how to frame a subject, use lighting, and take advantage of the settings to create a good photo.

baker2The photos taken will showcase the work of some of the magazine’s photographers, such as Tung Walsh, Damon Baker (who took the shot above), and Tang Ting. The images taken are pretty impressive and they do look like fashion photoshoots, and unless one were to inspect the details of the photographs very carefully, you probably wouldn’t be the wiser, but what do you guys think? Are you sufficiently impressed by how well the Nokia Lumia 1020 handled itself?

[Image credit – Damon Baker/Centrefold Magazine]

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