lg-g-watch-fccSo, LG has managed to wow a fair number of people thanks to its latest release of the flagship LG G3 smartphone, but that is not all that the consumer electronics giant has in store for the masses. LG too, wants in on the smartwatch market, and we have heard whispers of the LG G Watch in the past, so much so that a website has already been set up to make sure that the world is well aware of the LG G Watch’s existence. This will be one of the first devices that will be powered by Android Wear. Apart from that, we have received word that one particular version of the LG G Watch will carry the model number LG -W100, which has arrived over at the FCC already earlier in May.

In the FCC filing, additional information was revealed concerning the timepiece, where among them include the inclusion of Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE connectivity. There was no mention of 3G or 4G connectivity, so this might mean that the LG G Watch will have to go through a synchronization process to a smartphone so that one is able to make or receive calls. The exact hardware specifications have yet to be detailed, but we do know that the device itself has been rumored to tote a 1.65” display with a 280 x 280 resolution, 4GB of internal memory, and will be dust- and water-resistant.

There is also another variant with the model number LG-W105L that was failed to be mentioned in the FCC filing, so dare we hope that this is the version which will sport internal 3G or 4G connectivity?

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