lg g watchAbout a week ago, we reported that Samsung was rumored to launch a standalone smartwatch with SIM card compatibility. This meant that users would not have to pair their smartwatches with their smartphones or tablets, and that it could gain internet access by itself via the SIM card, assuming that the SIM card is data-enabled, of course.

Well it looks like LG does not want to be left out, and according to a report from RBMen, LG is also planning for a smartwatch with a SIM card slot as well. The watch in question is said to be based on the LG G Watch that was announced not to long ago. However according to the reports, it seems that the SIM card will actually be built into the watch itself.

This means that you will most likely have to buy the watch from a carrier, and you will be unable to swap it out for a different carrier, meaning that taking and using the watch while you travel could prove to be a tricky affair. RBMen also goes on to state that the LG G Watch is expected to be made available through the Google Play Store.

This seems to hint that maybe Google could soon have a unified store for all of its Android Wear products, which comprises of the LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360 at the moment. In any case what do you guys make of this rumor? Does a built-in SIM card appeal to you, or would you prefer one that’s removable?

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