google-glass-atmWhen it comes to a piece of wearable tech such as Google Glass, the high price would clearly make it the domain of the well off, as ordinary folk who are trying to make a living would have to settle for making it through that particular week. Considering how we have seen Google opening up their Glass Explorer program to the masses, not to mention an educational institution equipping their students with Google Glass, it is hence not surprising to hear that Google is working on a Google Glass successor.

This second generation Google Glass rumor has started to make its rounds, although just like any other good rumor worth its salt, it has nothing specific mentioned or divulged, other than the wearable technology showcase being in the pipeline. Hence, one can forget about details such as specifications, price, as well as description, not at least until an anonymous source close to Google comes up with something juicy.

Kong Wenjun of Crystal Optech, however, has stepped forward to say that his company is the one who will be supplying new optical coatings that will see action in the second-generation Google Glass project, which is currently being used by Google’s R&D team. I’d take a huge grain of salt with this one and wait it out.

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