galaxy-note-3-review-10A few days ago, we reported that according to the rumor mill, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 could be announced on the 3rd of September, a couple of days ahead of IFA 2014, which is roughly around that time of the year when Samsung announces their new Note phones, so we guess it is a possibility.

Now according to the folks at SamMobile, they were tipped off by their sources on some of the possible features that will be making its way onto the phone. These features include the “Swipe to launch Motion Launcher”, “Aqua Capture”, “Multi Network for Booster”, and “Smart Fingerprint”.

Starting with the obvious, Smart Fingerprint sounds like it could be one of the ways Samsung could leverage the fingerprint sensor that could make its way onto the Galaxy Note 4, such as to perform custom actions, like launch an app, and so on. Aqua Capture also sounds like Aqua Mode on the Galaxy S4 Active, which allows for photos to be captured underwater, thus hinting at the Galaxy Note 4’s water resistance.

Multi Network Booster sounds like it could be the Download Booster feature from the Galaxy S5, which combines WiFi and mobile data to help download larger files quicker. Last but not least is the Swipe to launch Motion Launcher. It also sounds similar to the HTC One M8’s Motion Launch, which allows users to wake up the device and launch certain apps even when the display is off.

It seems that the Galaxy Note 4 could be borrowing the majority of its features from other smartphones, but we’re not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Bad in the sense that it doesn’t feel too original, but good because these are some pretty useful features and hopefully Samsung has refined them to make it better.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully more details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will emerge at a later date.

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