T-Mobile is on a mission to disrupt the wireless carrier industry in the U.S., at least that’s what it says is the idea behind its “uncarrier” initiatives. The carrier has already shunned conventional two year service contracts and was one of the first to give subscribers the ability to upgrade their phones without worrying about upgrade cycles. There have rumors that Sprint might be looking to buyout T-Mobile and the carrier’s CFO has said that a merger would certainly help put its uncarrier initiative “on steroids.”

Chief Financial Office at T-Mobile, Braxton Carter as well as marketing honcho Mike Sievert, both agree that a potential merger with Sprint or any other entity would help T-Mobile in its mission. In an interview with Re/code, Sievert says that a merger would allow a “disruptive player to become even more disruptive” given that it is after all a scale industry.

Sprint has reportedly been courting federal regulators to ensure they don’t block its bid for T-Mobile. Apparently folks in Washington don’t share the same sentiments, even though Sprint reasons that with T-Mobile onboard it would be able to better compete with behemoths like Verizon and AT&T.

A recent report suggests that Sprint might wait until June/July to submit a formal bid for T-Mobile. The merged company, provided it gets regulatory approval, will reportedly tap T-Mobile CEO John Legere for leadership. Legere has often been in the news for his outspoken remarks and antics.

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