vimeo logoWhen it comes to swiftly removing copyrighted content, whether it be a video from a TV show, movie, or even a video that uses a copyrighted song, YouTube is pretty good at that. However there are alternative video websites out there, like DailyMotion and Vimeo, who have been pretty relaxed, at least for the most part.

Unfortunately if you were hoping that Vimeo would be a good alternative for copyrighted songs and videos, think again, because the company has recently announced that they will be adding a copyright match tool that will ensure that copyrighted content is quickly identified and taken care of.

So why now, you ask? Well Vimeo has anticipated your question and according to them, they are introducing this new system because they want to be thought of as a platform where people can come and upload videos that they made themselves, as opposed to offering up rips of other videos and TV shows, movies, and etc.

“The first rule of Vimeo has always been: upload only your own videos. Vimeo is a home for original work — not for rips of movies, TV shows, music videos, and sports broadcasts. We encourage creativity and innovation, and we always want to respect everyone who expresses themselves artistically.”

Vimeo also shared how their copyright match system will work, which is by fingerprinting videos uploaded. This essentially takes a snippet of your upload and then parses it through Audible Magic, a service that can identify copyrighted content. More information about this system can be found on Vimeo’s blog, so if you upload videos frequently, perhaps these are the new guidelines that you’ll want to check out.

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