wolfenstein-the-new-order-moon-artworkOne of the reasons why people choose to pirate movies, music, video games, and software is because the alternative is to pay for it, and why pay for it when you can download it for free in a matter of minutes, right? We suppose that’s the mindset that some of us have to change if we hope to curb piracy, but it seems that according to a report by TorrentFreak, perhaps file size could be a way to deter pirates as well.

The website notes that Bethesda’s latest game, Wolfenstein: The New Order (which was released about a week ago), has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its release. However interestingly enough, the large file size of approximately 43.65GB was enough to deter some gamers from pirating the game, based on comments left by users of the Pirate Bay torrent website.

According to one user, “43GB, the hell? No thanks, guess I will buy this when the price drops to £29.99.” 43GB is a pretty big file, and even if you had fast internet, it would still probably take a while for all of it to download, not to mention some gamers might be a little tight on hard drive space too, meaning that installation via physical copy could be a better way to go about it.

Another user wrote, “I was gonna get this torrent but I saw the size and how long it would take me to download it, I said f**k it I’m getting it from Steam.” Of course we expect that gamers who chose to not download the game simply because of its large file size probably accounts for less than those who actually did, and 100,000 downloads is saying something, but what do you guys make of this interesting occurrence?

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