When it comes to the power of the Force, perhaps it can only be matched (some say surpassed) by Star Wars’ power of merchandising. We have crossed paths with many a product from the Star Wars universe in the past, and it does not look as though this particularly lucrative agreement will come to an end anytime soon. Having said that, this particular labor of love is worth drooling over, thanks to Flickr user Jerac with his Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II. In fact, the entire shebang measures a whopping 6.6 feet in length, is 4 feet wide, and stands proud at 1.9 feet in height. The number of LEGO pieces required to make this behemoth? Approximately 40,000 pieces, where this creation will weigh around 110 pounds.


Jerac has invested a fair amount of his time in this particular LEGO project, that is for sure, having designing this device on November 11 last year before working on it right after Christmas. This equals close to six months of work at the end of the day, and it does not merely remain as a piece of eye candy in the middle of the living room. In fact, Jerac’s huge Star Destroyer will feature a lighting system that even lets you check out the various LEGO minifig crew members who happen to be wasting their days away on the wrong side of the Force.

I know that art can be pretty subjective when it comes to the value, but in terms of raw materials alone, Jerac has valued this creation in the region of $5,000. Factor in the design factor and man hours required to build this thing, and it could end up at a tidy amount later on.

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