apple charger europeFor our readers in Europe who own Apple products, like iPhones, you might want to take note that Apple has issued a replacement program for some of its European iPhone USB adapters. According to Apple, it seems that they have identified some adapters that have been either bundled with the iPhone or sold separately that have the potential to overheat, which in turn could pose a safety risk.

Apple notes that these adapters are used in the European models of the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S from October 2009 to to September 2012, so if you’re using the newer iPhone models, it seems like you should be fine. However if you want to check, you can look at the underside of your adapter (pictured above) where it will have the A1300 designation.

If your adapter has that model, then you can bring it in to Apple where it will be replaced for free. Apple will also be refunding customers who might have previously paid for replacement chargers due to the issue. If you want to check to see if your country is listed as part of the replacement program, you can head on over to Apple’s website to check it out.

We should point out that you should probably get on this ASAP. We have heard horror stories of how chargers have exploded and even electrocuted their users. However this is not related to Apple’s official chargers, but third-party unauthorized chargers, but the fact remains that faulty chargers can be dangerous. Apple issued a replacement program as well back in 2013 that allowed iDevice users to swap their third-party chargers for official ones for a small fee.

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