battlefield hardlineEarlier it was revealed that Battlefield Hardline would be released on the 21st of October later this year, but if you don’t want to wait so long to get your hands on the game, you’re in luck because EA has announced that gamers will be able to get in on the closed version of the beta for both the PC and the PlayStation 4.

As expected there will be a limited number of spots available for the closed beta, so if you want in on it, you’ll have to head on over to the beta signup page, leave your details, and cross your fingers and hope that EA picks you. Unfortunately the closed beta will not be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PS3 gamers.

The good news is that if you click that option at the beta signup page, it reveals that gamers on those platforms can look forward to additional goodies upon the game’s release. This includes a weapon camo/skin in the game, a weapon sight, additional content, and a unique dog tag in Battlefield 4.

It is unclear if EA will ever release a closed beta for those platforms, but for now it will be limited to both the PS4 and the PC. Battlefield Hardline is an interesting take on the Battlefield franchise. Instead of being more military-themed, it will be more urban and will put players in the shoes of law enforcement officers.

In a post by the Executive Producer for the game, Steve Papoutsis, “We’re introducing a lot of cool new twists, which some of you will be able to discover in the closed beta right now. But, we’re also saving some surprises for launch. New gadgets like grappling hooks and ziplines can take you across skyscrapers, and tear gas and gas masks can really affect the battle that’s going on in the streets.” So, who’s signed up for the beta?

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