spy glassesMost students don’t enjoy studying for exams. The pressure to perform well, the consequences and humiliation that one face if they fail, all of which makes for a pretty nasty and somewhat harrowing experience, but that’s just student life and it is something most of us have gone through.

We suppose the only way around this is to actually study hard so that when exams roll around, you know how to answer questions, but unfortunately there are always students who try to find the easy way out. According to reports from China News and China Radio National, it seems that more than a few students in China were caught cheating for their high school exam over the weekend.

Given how advanced technology is these days, it seems that cheating has also been taking to a whole new level. Gone are the days of writing on your arms, or stuffing cheat sheets in your shoes, or hiding the answers rolled up in a pen, nope. According to their findings, students have come up with pretty clever and innovative means of cheating.

spy bottleFor example one student managed to rig a pair of glasses that would be able to snap photos of the exam questions, have it transmitted to an outside source who would presumably write the answers and send it back. Another student was caught by hiding a camera inside a water bottle and hiding the transmitter inside their wallet.

spy pensThere have also been discoveries of hi-tech pens which just like the methods mentioned above, would be able to transmit the questions to an outsider, who will then feed the answers back to the exam takers. So what’s the big deal? Students cheat all the time, right? Well these exams are the National College Entrance Examinations, which will determine if the student is able to enter university, and the pressure placed on students by society and probably their parents led to their need to cheat.

Like we said, some of these methods of cheating are pretty ingenious and sounds like something out of a spy movie – now if only they could apply that innovativeness and smarts to studying, we reckon they’d do pretty well!

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