Not much is known about the upcoming Far Cry 4 just yet, although details of the game were revealed just last month, where the title is tipped to arrive on both the Sony PS3 as well as its successor, the PS4. Here is something else to tickle your senses in the form of a gameplay video of Far Cry 4. In the video, you will be able to ride on an elephant (making you feel like Hannibal for a while, I suppose), tossing some grenades to bring about a path of destruction before bringing death from above in Ubisoft’s game.


So far, it does look as though Far Cry 4 will see gamers spend a whole lot of time blowing things up, and generally being the main cause of mayhem – digitally speaking, that is. The gameplay footage above was captured over at E3, where a failure in capturing an outpost via a stealthy approach resulted in making use of a scooter with rotorblades all the while carrying a grenade launcher.

Other new features of Far Cry 4 will include an advanced patrol routes of guards, where you can also make use of bait in order to lure animals, while cutting off the brakes on vehicles.

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