flappyswiftFlappy Bird, the insanely popular (and hugely successful) mobile game on the Windows Phone platform that has seen its fair share of news in the past, is back with a vengeance. Apparently, an Apple developer decided to use Flappy Bird as a template for this clone game, using Apple’s recently introduced Swift programming language, taking a mere four hours since its release to roll out a working copy of the game’s clone.


Nate Murray showed to the world just what a snap it is to code a Flappy Bird clone, where he claimed to have taken just four hours since Swift was introduced to get the job done. What made this effort all the more impressive is the fact that Murray claims he has no prior experience of Swift before the WWDC announcement was made, introducing Swift to the rest of the world.

The game has been aptly called FlappySwift, where it pays homage to the new programming language that it is worked upon as well as the game that proved to be the inspirational platform for it. This happens to be a port from an Objective-C version of Flappy Bird that was developed by Matthias Gall, who is another developer. If you are interested on expanding upon Murray’s work, then you can pick up FlappySwift’s code on Murray’s GitHub.

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