flappy-bird-html5Flappy Bird is dead, long live Flappy Bird! So, one of the biggest questions of 2014 (so far, anyways) on peoples’ lips would be this, “Why did he take down Flappy Bird?” ‘Tis not so much of a mystery, as Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen did so for our own good, since he knows just how addictive the game can get. Having said that, Flappy Bird fever is not over yet, as plenty of clones have appeared on the likes of the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Pebble Appstore, too. eBay has also pulled listings of handsets that have Flappy Bird installed since some of them have been listed for a crazy prices. So far, there are over 81 Flappy clones and counting. Why not throw in one more clone into the mix? Free Flappy Bird happens to be a playable game directly from within a mobile browser or on a desktop.

There are other clones of Flappy Bird that will resemble the original in every aspect, as Nguyen’s Twitter reply sometime in the previous week mentioned that anyone could come up with an HTML version of his game. I wonder how many people can give up an alleged $50,000 a day profit so quickly? Be careful though, there are some Flappy Bird clones out there which are actually scams.

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