Its not like there hasn’t been enough debate about the privacy issues surrounding Google Glass, but that won’t stop establishments from dropping the banhammer on this wearable device. Recently we saw a movie theater chain in the U.S. ban Glass and now merely days after the wearable device went on sale in its first international market, some cinemas in the UK have collectively decided to ban Glass in the interest of curbing piracy.

The UK’s Cinema Exhibitors’ Association trade group and Vue, one of the largest cinema chains across the pond, have decided to ban Google Glass from movie theaters over piracy concerns.

Cinemas don’t allow moviegoers to record the show with their smartphones or handheld cameras since that constitutes piracy, which is against the law. Some of them believe that Glass posts a similar threat. However anyone who has used this device for even a day would testify that its poorly equipped for that purpose. That battery life can only handle less than an hour of video recording and it won’t be too spectacular given that it only has a five megapixel camera.

However these kinks will be worked out over time and cinemas seem to think that somewhere down the line Google Glass can really be a problem. Though Google itself says that Glass is a “fairly lousy device” for secretly recording things since its worn above the eyes and the screen lights up noticeably when its activated.

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