brain-implantBeing addicted to alcohol or drugs is considered to be a medical condition by certain quarters, and it can be pretty difficult to try to overcome one’s addiction with sheer willpower alone, although that has happened in the past. Well, it seems that there has been breakthroughs in the medical field, where an implantable form of a drug is capable of removing the variable of compliance completely in order for the patient to not feel the craving for an alcoholic drink or to get high using drugs.

This particular medical procedure would take approximately 20 minutes, and after it has been implanted in the abdomen, it will dissolve slowly over time, releasing the medication over a rather lengthy period – we are talking of a time from half a year all the way to eight months.

In fact, child star Jeremy Miller has already benefited from this new implantable drug which has managed to end his alcohol addiction. Miller’s claim to fame is playing the role of Ben Seaver in the 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains,” and Start Fresh Recovery has made use of an implantable form of the drug Naltrexone in order to help Miller reduce and eventually, do away with cravings for both drugs or alcohol. Hopefully this development will be able to help millions in the near future. Do take note that the image above is meant for illustration purposes only.

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