Since smartwatches are all the rage these days it wouldn’t be shocking to see Microsoft come out with one of its own. We have heard many rumors about the folks at Redmond working on a new wearable device. As per the latest, the company’s new smartwatch might be released this October. It is believed that the Microsoft smartwatch will come with 11 sensors as well as multi-platform support.

Multi-platform compatibility will truly set the company’s wearable device apart. It means that the Microsoft smartwatch will be able to work with Windows Phone, iOS and Android. One is its own platform while the others are the two most popular mobile platforms in the market right now.

It may be different from most of the smartwatches we have seen up till now. Rumor has it that the display would be on the underside of the band, and it may not even be that large, the device is said to be more along the lines of a fitness-band.

The 11 onboard sensors would no doubt feed health and fitness related data to the connected mobile device. Smartwatches these days are often judged by the amount of sensors that they have onboard, and Microsoft’s device seems to have more than its fair share.

Multiple rumors suggest that October is when Microsoft will show off its new wearable device. There hasn’t been any confirmation or even a hint from Redmond itself so it would be best to take this with a grain of salt.

Though with the smartwatch race heating up, it is about time that Microsoft made its entry into this market.

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