surface-pro-mini-refMuch has been said concerning the oft-rumored Microsoft Surface Mini tablet (which is in line with any modern day unreleased device, I suppose), including a possible June announcement date or later (after the rumored May date held no water), not to mention carrying Kinect-like motion sensing capability. Having said that, more of the Surface Mini has been spotted in the while, with references to this rumored tablet made in the Surface Pro 3 user guide according to Paul Thurrott over Twitter..

Other than the references found in the Surface Pro 3 user guide, there are no additional details revealed concerning the Surface Mini, apart from the very real possibility that it will eventually ship alongside the very same Pen as that of the Pro 3. If that were to be the case, then it would make plenty of sense on the manufacturing side of things, since one accessory would be able to cater to two different products, helping enhance the economy of scale along the way.

Everyone is still guessing as to when the Surface Mini will be officially announced, so stay tuned. Chances are we will come across an 8” device with an ARM CPU from Qualcomm within, N-trig pen support, and a missing kickstand (bummer!).

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