When it comes to wearable technology such as smartwatches, there seems to be many different designs made available, and this is definitely a growing market, with established players such as Samsung working on new designs even as you read this. The folks over at Momentum Labs are pleased to show off its Moment smartwatch that intends to offer up to 30 days of battery life, now how about that?


For a regular timepiece, 30 days of battery life is considered to be silly and impractical, but for a smartwatch, it does sound like a breakthrough. The Moment smartwatch sports an interesting design that comes in a simple bracelet alongside a digital watch face located on top, while all of the more useful information that a smartwatch ought to deliver will be located on the inside of your wrist.

This means any incoming messages would be a whole lot more private compared to having it appear on top of one’s wrist. The whole surface will feature a 150dpi display that sports full touch capability, while within the band, one will find a full QWERTY keyboard that Momentum touts is not inconvenient to use, although a review would put to bed on whether that is true or not.

Other than that, the Moment smartwatch will arrive with a curved battery, crammed into a body that is extremely thin – 0.9mm at the edge, while tipping the scales at less than 100 grams. The Moment smartwatch is but a Kickstarter project at the moment.

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