street-view-murderGoogle’s Street View service has proven itself to be an invaluable tool, especially for those who would like to check out a particular neighborhood or street that is not familiar. However, there are fleeting moments where one is able to end up in Street View (willingly or otherwise, to some undesirable results for some), and here is a funny case of British auto mechanic Dan Thompson who decided to play with his imagination after checking out a Street View car that came in the direction of his workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thompson decided to stage a “murder” there and then.

Realizing that he had just a matter of seconds before this fleeting window of opportunity passed him by, Thompson decided to grab his colleague before the two of them ended on the street, where he lay face-down on the road with his colleague looming large over him, pick-axe handle in hand. The Street View car captured that shot successfully which you can now check out on Street View.

This “job” was forgotten about until a year later, when officers from Police Scotland decided to check up on them due to a possible homicide. Apparently, a Google user who was none the wiser saw what was uploaded to Street View and thought it was an actual murder scene, subsequently calling the cops which led to their questioning. Well, all’s well that ends well, so there is nothing to it, really.

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